ISO 9001-2015



As a result of the effort put in achieving the total satisfaction to our clients, we have put the company to work under the ISO (9001- 2008) system.

This level of performance ensures that our clients will receive a quality service, with the confidence that products will meet all of their standards, and with the unconditional support of a highly trained personnel in all of the industry branches. Always willing to serve and to show that our processes and products have the highest quality, along with this, our clients can be sure we will always keep doing things better for them.




ISO 14001:2015



As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of our processes, we have put the company to work under the ISO (14001) system, as a demonstration of our commitment to environmental care.




Green Partner



General Product´s received the GREEN PARTNER certification that Sony Corporation. This certification is only given to companies that have the highest environment friendly processes. All of our products comply with the Sony SS 0259 norm.